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Platemark: Prints and the Printmaking Ecosystem

Platemark is a podcast about art and ideas. Hosted by Ann Shafer and Ben Levy, formerly colleagues at the Baltimore Museum of Art, conversations focus on museums, curating, critiques, value (market/conceptual), the Western canon, and prints and printmaking.

Apr 23, 2024

In s3e55, Platemark host Ann Shafer speaks with Miguel A. Aragón, artist and professor at the City University of New York, Staten Island. They talk about CNC routers, drills as woodcutting tools, growing up in Juarez, Mexico, and that city’s war on drugs as a subject in his art. He weaves a tight conceptual circle...

Apr 9, 2024

In s3e54, Platemark host Ann Shafer talks with Andrew Raftery, artist, professor, scholar, and wallpaper designer. Andrew works in several modes, most notably in engraving. The through line in the work is domesticity. An early print featured a young man suit shopping. Next was a portfolio of engravings detailing rooms...